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Hey there, I am Dani...

I was born and raised in Johanessburg, South Africa. At the age of 18 I became a spinning instructor, however, with being an instructor I started becoming obsessed with how I looked on the bike, my weight, crash dieting, overtraining, and binge eating, which I have struggled to shake for many years.

During my studies to pursue another passion of mine. My lifestyle and health slowly started to slip due to grueling client design deadlines and a newfound love of partying. My wellbeing took a back seat in favour of working, drinking, junk food, and little to no exercise.

After a few years of declining fitness and health, I took a long hard look at my life and my body and didn’t like what I saw! Slowly, I started to heal the many years of abuse I’d done to myself. I also rediscovered my love of running and fitness and began working out consistently.


After falling pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, my hormones took a wild rollercoaster ride playing havoc on my body which put me in hospital for a week with a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis), this for me, was the final straw. Over the years I’ve done paleo, banting, keto, fasting – the list goes on and on! I’ve dieted, binged, juice cleansed and everything else in between. When it comes to eating and exercise, I’ve truly been there and done almost everything! And I’m here to tell you that there is hope; you can heal your body and wellness can be fun, enjoyable and sustainable for a lifetime!

I am super passionate about helping women change their lives through achievable holistic lifestyle habits.

Helping you balance your wheel of life



Would you like to feel more purposeful, present, and accepting? Want to be clear on your well-being values? Want to feel more calm, curious and creative?



Wanting to better self regulate and manage stress? Want more authentic connections? Long to laugh more, feel less distracted, and more present with others?



Want feel more energised? Want to feel more confident in your body? Certain about your personal wellbeing? Want to lose weight or promote your longevity?

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